Love a Golden Rescue began in January 2001; at its foundation, it was a small group of volunteers who saw a need to help golden retrievers and golden retriever mixes in Central and Eastern Missouri and Central and Southern Illinois.   Now we are 16 years old, and have rescued more than 1,150 dogs, all due to the concerted effort of our volunteers.

That first year 50 dogs found forever homes. That was more than was anticipated, but we soon found that the "need" was larger than we initially thought. With everyone working together, the dogs received the necessary veterinary care, and lived in caring homes before moving into their forever homes. Adoption applications and home visits ensured that the forever families and the dogs were the right "fit."

 Not only do we strive to rescue goldens who have special needs but we also reach out to save seniors (dogs who are 9 years or older). Seniors have such a special place in Love a Golden's heart, and our Senior Life program recognizes the incredible families who adopt senior goldens.

 Our mission is to help out all goldens who are in need of a home, regardless of their age or medical condition. Many families who adopt one of our dogs come to us for a 2nd dog, since caring for two dogs is just as easy as caring for one. The families also discover that the rewards of adopting a rescued golden and giving it a forever home are immeasurable.

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